How To Pick the Perfect Flannelette Sheets

Posted by Claudia Ramirez on 08:59 AM, 16-Feb-16

Keeping yourself fresh and easy if you know the tips and tricks. Flannelette sheets can help.

How to stay Warm and Cozy


This winter don’t forget that keeping suitable bedding is a great way to give you that comfortable sleep that you are seeking, sometimes your body might need extra coolness and on occasion it will need that warm feeling. When you sleep your body is rapidly changing its temperature to cool down so some care is also required by you so that you don’t get too warm or too cool and your sleep gets disturbed.

You can save yourself with this problem if you only knew the right solution to the problem. And it can be done if you have the knowledge that what sheet should be used to give you the right comfort. There are many types of sheets to use out of which cotton sheets and flannelette sheets are one.

Type of Bed Sheets

In matter of bed sheets cotton is the most commonly used material and it is developed due to its ease of usage. It doesn’t cost much and comes in many different thread counts. You would be thinking now, what is really thread count it is the amount of threads in per square inch of fabric.

The more the thread count is the more soft and comfortable it would be. Don’t think that the 1000 thread count sheet would be best the greater the thread count would be the thinner its thread which means that it will tear off quickly and will wear off even more quick.

It is a perfect choice to be used whether it is winter or summer because they remain the same even after washing and would not surprise you any further these sheets heat up according to your body temperature or cool down and keeps a balanced temperature.


Flannelette sheets are a great replacement to cotton sheets as they are their variations which are much more comfortable. Flannelette sheets are much softer and give a better feeling in the months of winter. Flannelette cot sheets work great to give you comfort when you feel uncomfortable in chilling nights.

 Flannelette fitted sheets are also available to give you a great relief from adjusting your bed sheet again and again. You can also find flannelette duvet cover if you want to.

However thread count isn’t a problem in these sheets but keep in mind to check the sheet’s fluff that there is no loose in it. Or else the sheet will get small pills or soft small balls after giving it some washes.

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